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Veritext is the second-largest provider of court reporting services in the U.S. The company has a diversified base of more than 2,000 clients and maintains a national presence through affiliations with more than 500 court reporting agencies and 9,000 individual court reporters.

Acquired :
August 2005
Exited :
July 2010
Industry :
Business Services
Region :
North America
Location :
Florham Park, New Jersey
Add-on Acquisitions :

Doerner & Goldberg, Inc. of Roseland, New Jersey (February 2007)

First Services of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (February 2007)

Knipes Cohen Associates Inc. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (August 2007)

Priority One of Staten Island, New York (February 2008)

Corbett Reporting of Wilmington, Delaware (February 2009)

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