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Brandmuscle, formally Centiv Services, offers a comprehensive marketing automation platform that provides tools to develop customized, local marketing campaigns that can be designed, produced and fulfilled with short turnaround times. Brandmuscle's sophisticated solution combines front-end marketing resource management software with digital print production capabilities to provide an integrated service offering that takes campaigns from conception through execution and fulfillment.

Acquired :
September 2011
Exited :
December 2015
Industry :
Software & IT , Business Services
Region :
North America
Location :
Chicago, Illinois
Add-on Acquisitions :

Brandmuscle of Cleveland, Ohio (March 2012) was an add-on to Centiv Services of Chicago, Illinois (September 2011) - the combined company was rebranded as Brandmuscle

TradeOne Marketing of Austin, Texas (December 2012)

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