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GreenLine Foods is the largest provider of fresh-trimmed, microwavable packaged green beans in North America.

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Abracon Logo

Provider of timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and radio frequency (RF) solutions

Location: Spicewood, Texas
Acquired Date: July 2018
Fund Family: RCAF
AdhereHealth Logo

Provider of medication therapy management services

Location: Brentwood, Tennessee
Acquired Date: December 2009
Fund Family: RCAF (V)
Affinitiv Logo

Provider of technology-driven solutions to the automotive industry

Location: Chicago, IL
Acquired Date: August 2019
Fund Family: RCAF
Alcohol Monitoring Systems
AMS Logo

Provider of monitoring technologies to manage criminal offenders

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Acquired Date: December 2014
Fund Family: RCAF
Area Wide Protective
AWP logo

Provider of outsourced traffic management solutions

Location: Kent, Ohio
Acquired Date: June 2015
Fund Family: RCAF
Arrowhead Engineered Products
Arrowhead Engineered Products
Supplier of aftermarket replacement parts for motorized vehicles
Location: Blaine, Minnesota
Acquired Date: September 2015
Fund Family: RCAF
Bentley Laboratories
Bentley Laboratories Logo

Manufacturor of beauty products and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals

Location: Edison, New Jersey
Acquired Date: March 2016
Fund Family: RCAF
Camelot Education
Camelot Education Logo

Provider of education services for K-12 students

Location: Austin, Texas
Acquired Date: January 2011
Fund Family: RCAF (V)
Clarus logo

Manufacturer of glassboards, glass architectural walls and accessories

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Acquired Date: May 2018
Fund Family: RCAF
Dubois Chemicals
DuBois Logo

Manufacturer of chemicals for industrial cleaning

Location: Sharonville, Ohio
Acquired Date: March 2017
Fund Family: RCAF
Fisher Unitech Logo

Provider of 3D solid modeling design software and 3D printing hardware

Location: Troy, Michigan
Acquired Date: November 2014
Fund Family: RCAF
H-D Advanced Manufacturing
HD Advanced Logo

Holding company for precision-engineered manufacturers

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Acquired Date: December 2012
Fund Family: RCAF (V)
HMI Cardinal
HMI Cardinal logo

Manufacturer and distributor of glass and metal products

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Acquired Date: December 2017
Fund Family: RCAF
IFS Group
IFS Group

Holding company for non-discretionary industrial and field services

Location: Birmingham, Michigan
Acquired Date: March 2015
Fund Family: RCAF
Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health Logo

Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Acquired Date: December 2016
Fund Family: RCAF
Medical Payment Exchange
Medical Payment Exchange

Provider of healthcare reimbursement claim services

Location: Rockville, Maryland
Acquired Date: September 2014
Fund Family: RCAF
Momentum Group
Momentum Group Logo

Supplier of sustainable contract textiles

Location: Irvine, California
Acquired Date: April 2016
Fund Family: RCAF
n2y Logo

Developer of special education software solutions

Location: Huron, OH
Acquired Date: July 2016
Fund Family: RCAF
Naturally Slim
Naturally Slim Logo

Digital counseling program for weight management

Location: Dallas, Texas
Acquired Date: May 2019
Fund Family: RCAF
neighborly logo
Franchisor holding company
Location: Waco, Texas
Acquired Date: May 2018
Fund Family: RCAF
North American Dental Group
North American Dental Group Logo

Provider of comprehensive dental services

Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania
Acquired Date: August 2015
Fund Family: RCAF
NuStef Foods
Reko Logo

Manufacturer of Italian-inspired pizelle waffle cookies and artisan crackers

Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Acquired Date: January 2017
Fund Family: RCAF
Parker Products
Parker Products Logo

Manufacturer of specialty ingredients for food and beverage companies

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Acquired Date: October 2017
Fund Family: RCAF
Sunrise Windows
Sunise Windows Logo

Manufacturer and distributor of replacement windows

Location: Temperance, Michigan
Acquired Date: December 2010
Fund Family: RCAF (V)
SureWerx logo

Supplier of professional tool, equipment and safety products

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Acquired Date: October 2018
Fund Family: RCAF
True Health Group
TrueHealth Group Logo

Provider of health management services

Location: Frisco, Texas
Acquired Date: January 2017
Fund Family: RCAF
Yum Earth logo
Provider of natural and organic treats
Location: Ridgewood, New Jeresy
Acquired Date: August 2015
Fund Family: RCAF