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Riverside Adds French Medical Supplier Orthomed October 08, 2010

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Orthomed, Manufacturer of Devices for Orthopaedic Surgery, Joins The Summit Medical Group

Deal Type:
Add-on to The Summit Medical Group
Orthomed S.A. (Orthomed)

Key Stats:
16th Acquisition of 2010
239th Acquisition Overall

Riverside Europe Fund III

Based in Nice, France

  • Founded in 1980, Orthomed specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of medical devices for orthopaedic surgery, mainly in the area of implants and ligament fixation devices.
  • Besides being a scientific leader, Orthomed is an industrial company with strict manufacturing process in place ensuring total reliability of its products.
  • Collaborates with surgeons in the development of surgical techniques for ligament repair optimising their work and improving patients’ comfort.
  • It complements the activities of Riverside platform The Summit Medical Group, a leading supplier of single-use medical devices to the global market.

Since its founding in 1980, Orthomed has actively collaborated with health professionals (surgeons, pharmacists, and nurses) to develop a wide range of innovative implantable orthopaedic devices (hand, shoulder, knee and foot), instruments and surgical techniques suited to orthopaedic surgery, especially in the area of ligamentoplasty.

The techniques designed by Orthomed mark a break with traditional techniques and fulfil a dual need in ligament surgery:

-The patient’s need for safety, comfort, and faster rehabilitation
-The surgeon’s need for reliability, safety, efficacy, convenience, and rapidity
-Collaborates with surgeons in the development of surgical techniques for ligament repair optimising their work and improving patients’ comfort

With three million other medical devices in use, Orthomed has worked its way into the very tight circle of the orthopaedic implant designers and manufacturers chosen by the leading surgeons of international renown. Companies’ products are sold across Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Orthomed will join the Summit Medical Group, based in Gloucestershire, UK, which Riverside acquired in 2008. Orthomed will strengthen Summit’s product portfolio, reinforcing its research and development capabilities and providing an entry point for the wider range of Summit products into emerging markets like Brazil.

In 2008, the global orthopaedics market was estimated to be worth approximately US$37 billion, and is expected to grow due to various social and demographic trends.

Radim Stach, Riverside Partner:
“One of the reasons that Riverside was attracted to Orthomed was the company’s commitment to innovation. A vibrant product development pipeline is emerging out of the clinical relationships that Orthomed nurtures since its inception.”

Frank Collins, CEO of Summit Medical Group:
"Orthomed is a wonderful addition to the Summit Medical Group. It complements our business in many ways, from its product offering to its geographic presence. Orthomed has a wonderful reputation among the clinical community that will reinforce the group’s brand awareness.”

Riverside Team:
Radim Stach, Partner; Ludek Palata, Vice President; Áron Szabó, Analyst; Damien Gaudin, Analyst.

The Riverside Company (www.riversideeurope.com)
The Riverside Company is a global private equity firm focused on acquiring growing enterprises valued at up to $200 million (€200 million in Europe). The firm partners with strong management teams and enhances its investments through acquisitions and organic growth. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in 239 transactions with a total enterprise value of more than $5.4 billion/€4.4 billion. The firm’s portfolio in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region includes 71 companies with roughly 14,000 employees. Riverside completes acquisitions smoothly thanks to $3.4 billion/€2.7 billion in assets under management, more than 195 professionals in 19 offices, and longstanding relationships with partner lenders.

The Summit Medical Group (www.summit-medical.co.uk)
Summit Medical is a leading supplier of single use medical devices to the global market. The company’s products focus on orthopedics and infection control and include specialty implants used in knee and hip replacements, cement mixing devices, autologous blood transfusion and wound drainage devices and disposable anti-bacterial hospital privacy curtains . Innovation and quality are hallmarks of Summit Medical’s products and the company is dedicated to providing economic and clinical benefits to patients and healthcare providers. Please visit for more information.

Orthomed S.A focuses on the manufacture and marketing of medical devices for orthopaedic surgery. The company delivers implants and ligament fixation devices. Its product line comprises of anchors, ligaments, staples, fixation systems, bone substitutes and instrumentation sets.

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